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Φωλιά μωρού Babycocoon graphite & origami swan


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Multifunctional babycocoon Tiny Star that provides Your baby’s safe and restful sleep. Babycocoon assures safely co-sleeping. Protects the baby in the parent’s bed from squashing, hitting his head against the headboard, wriggling down under the covers. The cocoon wraps and comforts the baby, resulting in a calm and soothing sleep. Gives newborn a snug sense of security in the new world. Can be used as a portable cot around the house. Can be placed on the carpet or moved to another room. Babycocoon is useful durign trips as a travel bed. The cocoon makes Your baby feel at home even when You are are away.

Dimension: out 50x80cm, in 30x70cm.
Materials: cover: 100% cotton, filling: hypoallergenic 100% polyester.

“Oeko-Tex Standard 100” certified filling and material.  For baby 0-8 months.

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