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Σαλιάρα με βέλκρο σετ 2τμχ, Deer Friends Grey/Beige


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Two of your favourite Deer friends are ready to make meal time less of a mess. The two bibs are smart and practical – they are waterproof, easy to wipe clean and the pocket will catch food that misses which will save you a lot of cleaning time.

There’s a small surprise hidden in the pocket which little ones can enjoy discovering. The simple Velcro closing makes it easy to put the bib on and take it off. The bibs are a perfect size for an independent little one starting to self feed.

The practical bib set is two tones of Grey/Beige and Antee the anteater and Nozo the Rhino are ready to keep your little one dry and clean while making mealtime a lot of fun. Hidden in the pocket you find an apple and a carrot.

OEKO-TEX®. Food grade.

Material: 100% polyester with PU coating.

Care: Delicate wash at 30°C, hang to dry.

Size: 42 x 26,5 cm

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