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Κούνια ξύλινη bear ears pink


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Color : pink

Swing dimensions : depth about 20cm, width about 27cm, length about 25cm

Composition: 100% certified, soft upholstery fabric, pine wood, cotton rope

Age : 9m + (for children who can already sit alone)

Wild weight : up to 18kg


– to the ceiling (rope length approx. 180 cm) – standard room height 2.5 m – 2.7 m

– for door frame – (rope length approx. 130cm) – standard door frame height

– on request – individual rope length

WARNING! The set does not contain hooks, which should be purchased for a specific / intended surface.

Required hook parameters:

– diameter min. 6mm

– hooking at least 540 °

Required parameters of the pins:

– diameter min. 10mm

– length min. 70mm

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